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PU COllege

Core Academic & Knowledge

These skills and knowledge include reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, information technology, and other core topics. Core Academic & Knowledge is important to students because it provides the foundation for their future educational and professional success.

Activities & Extra Curriculum

College activities can provide opportunities for students to develop skills while having fun. From student organizations and clubs to intramural sports and recreational activities, there is something for everyone to get involved in. College activities are an important part of the college experience, giving students the chance to meet new people, explore new interests, and gain valuable skills.

Curriculum & Pedagogy

we believe that education should be an engaging and enlightening experience. Thats why were proud to offer the highest quality collegelevel curriculum and pedagogy available. Our expertly designed courses will help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to excel in your academic pursuits.

Core Academic & Knowledge

These skills and knowledge include reading, writing,

 mathematics, science, social studies, information

 technology, and other core topics. Core Academic

& Knowledge is important to students because it

 provides the foundation for their future educational

 and professional success.

Activities & Extra Curriculum

College activities can provide opportunities for

students to develop skills while having fun. From

student organizations and clubs to intramural sports

 and recreational activities, there is something for

 everyone to get involved in. College activities are an

 important part of the college experience, giving

 students the chance to meet new people, explore

 new interests, and gain valuable skills.

college picnic

Curriculum & Pedagogy

we believe that education should be an engaging and

 enlightening experience. Thats why were proud to

offer the highest quality collegelevel curriculum and pedagogy available. Our expertly

 designed courses will help you gain the knowledge

 & skills you need to excel in your academic pursuits.

why choose us

Why Chaitanya PU College ?

Our college is a great place for students to get ready for the next step in their educational journey. We pride ourselves on being a safe and supportive environment for our students to grow and develop. Our teachers are passionate and experienced, providing our students with the best learning experience possible. We have a wide range of courses designed to prepare students for the challenges of university life. We also offer a variety of extracurricular activities to help students develop their skills and interests. In addition, our college provides students with resources they need to succeed such as tutoring, career counseling, and support services. All of these features make our pre-university college an excellent choice for those looking to get the most out of their educational experience.

To The Journey Ahead

Gain Valuable Knowledge & Experience

Great Campus

At our college campus, we strive to create an environment that is conducive to learning and personal growth. We look forward to having you join us and become part of our vibrant community.

Online Education

Our class is designed to help you build a strong foundation of computer knowledge and skills, while also providing a comprehensive overview of the latest technology and also well equipped for online education.

Students Concentric

We provide a range of student support services, from career counseling and academic advising to counseling and health services.We also offer a variety of cultural and social activities, including art galleries, lectures, and live performances.

You Apply

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We Connect

We will discuss on our Campus, Faculties, Facilities and Advantage of Learning with Us !

We Are Open For Opportunities!

At Chaitanya PU College, we are committed to helping our students achieve their academic and professional goals.

Chaitanya PU COllege

We Are The Best College in the City

Welcome to Chaitanya PU College! We are a worldclass institution, offering a wide range of academic programs and resources to our students. Our college is dedicated to providing a highquality, comprehensive, and diverse education to our students, while maintaining a strong commitment to the principles of academic excellence, creativity, and lifelong learning. At Chaitanya College, our faculty are highly qualified and experienced professionals who are committed to providing each student with the highest level of education and support. We offer a wide range of degree programs and courses, from business and accounting to engineering and computer science. Our faculty are also dedicated to fostering a supportive learning environment and providing the necessary resources for our students to succeed. We understand that the college experience is about more than just academics. We offer a variety of activities and events to help our students stay engaged and connected to our campus. From student clubs and organizations to intramural sports and cultural events, our students have many opportunities to explore and engage with their peers. We also provide a wide range of services and resources to help our students succeed, such as career counseling, writing centers, and academic advising.

On-Time Course Completion
Students Skill
Campus Extracurricular
Quality Of Lecturers
Nagaraj MH
Nagaraj MH

Science Student

Chaitanya college provided me with a great atmosphere to learn and grow, and the teachers were always willing to help. The college also had a variety of extra-curricular activities and clubs to join, which was great for networking and making friends. The college also had a great library and computer lab, which were very helpful in my studies.


Art Student

The college has an experienced and knowledgeable faculty who areThe college also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities like sports, debating, and other cultural activities which have helped me learn more skills and develop my personality. I am very satisfied with the college and would highly recommend it to others.

Mahesh S
Mahesh S


My son has been attending PU college for the past two years and I can honestly say that it has been an excellent experience. The faculty are highly knowledgeable and provide an environment that encourages learning. The teachers are very approachable. It also provides a wide variety of extracurricular activities, which has allowed my son to excel in his chosen field.


Wide range of Events & Activities

School Event - Picnic

Yoga Day

Date:  21 June 2022

Location : Chaitanya PU COllege Chitradurga

Environmental Day

Date : 23 December 2021 Location : Chaitanya College Chitradrga

Chaitanya College

Lecturers & Teachers

Our teachers are the dedicated educators who lead the next generation of professionals. From inspiring young minds in the classroom to providing expert guidance and mentorship, we play a vital role in helping students achieve their educational goals.

Our teachers are passionate about their subject and bring enthusiasm to the classroom. They take the time to get to know their students and build strong relationships, which can be extremely helpful in supporting student success.

Knowledge & Practicals

Mr. Madhu kakulam

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